Quality: a brand, a name, a label

Why is JST transformateurs one of the world’s top manufacturers of electrical transformers? Because our Group ensures that the quality and reliability of our products and services are our top priority. In order to meet such objectives we are proactive and work by collaboration.

In an industry so sensitive to changes in technology and regulations, our role as a designer forces us to take the performance requirements of our multi-purpose products into consideration as early as possible into the process, while at the same time accounting for personal safety and environmental protection.

To do this, JST transformateurs draws on each employee and user by promoting any synergy that helps to improve the Group’s products and services in accordance with current standards and regulations.

Internally, this dynamic is supported by two factors: our teams’ know-how and our employees’ commitment. The dynamic is only realized if our teams pay attention to the needs and expectations of our users. Their satisfaction is our number one priority. It is, therefore, essential that we create a relationship of trust with our clients and that we preserve this relationship by keeping our promises and diligently monitoring our products and services.