The research and the industrial development of new technical solutions are essential to meet the expectations of our customers and anticipate their future needs. Our R&D department has a team of experts in scientific calculations by finite elements in 2 or 3 dimensions and an integrated laboratory dedicated to the search and the qualification of new materials and components.
Our strategy of development articulates around 3 main axes:

The continuous improvement of the performances and the reliability of transformers:

  • Reduction of losses and optimization of cooling systems for a greater thermal reliability.
  • Integration of optimization loops under constraints in our calculation software taking into account our return of experience in test.
  • Optimization of the design of insulating pieces for a better dielectric reliability.
  • Qualification of new materials (high performance magnetic steel).
  • Qualification of new peripheral equipment for reliable operation of transformers in service.

 The development of innovative technological solutions with high added value for our customers:

  • Design and development of a new generation of on-board traction transformers aiming to a notable improvement of performances.
  • Industrial developments of a new generation of medium power transformers.

 The sustainability of the know-how and the evolution of the technical competences:

  • Developments of partnerships with universities and engineering schools.
  • Active participation to national and international working groups (CIGRE, IEC, IEEE …)
  • Continuous training of our technical teams.

Example of 3D model for magnetic simulation of a shell-type transformer: