Specialised technology

Specialised technology

Shell technology is used for the major advantages it offers in terms of quality and functionality

Our expertise in this technology results in:

  • A highly-compact design that allows for reduced size
  • Lower weight
  • Natural short-circuit resistance
  • Uniform cooling
  • A perfect decoupling between the secondary windings
  • Good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Here are some of the challenges recently taken up by JST transformateurs:

  • Speed records in South Korea and France
  • Noise reduction through innovative mounting solutions.
  • Eco-friendly design: High-yield transformer, using biodegradable Midel7131

Dedicated after-sale service

In order to guarantee the best operating conditions and long lifespan of our transformers, we offer our customers a wide range of services:

  • Sale of spare parts
  • Servicing in maintenance centres
  • Factory-based repairs of all types of transformers and induction coils.

Our product line

Our products meet any need related to traction transformers or reactors separated or integrated, whether this need pertains to locomotives, rail motor vehicles, or high-speed trains.
Our devices, which can be installed under frame mounted, inboard the engine car or roof-mounted, make it possible to overcome the challenges presented by land development plans and transport policies worldwide.

> High-speed trains

> Rail motor vehicles (EMUs)

> Locomotives

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