Spare parts and oil analysis


Spare parts and oil analysis

Spare parts:

Thanks to the comprehensive database that we have built during our 50 years in the business, including Jeumont, SW, Jeumont Schneider, Jeumont Schneider Transformateurs, VA Tech JST, and JST transformateurs devices, it is easy for us to quickly identify the serial numbers and part numbers, as well as plans and documents related to the specific piece of machinery.

In addition to the stock of common parts, we also offer our users a catalogue of over 10,000 products.

Contact : + 33 4 78 77 88 44 / +33 4 78 77 88 93



Oil Analysis:

Our group applies its expertise and cutting-edge technology to offer advanced oil testing services for your devices. This service is accompanied by reliable troubleshooting, provided by our specialists.

Oil sampling set

Oil sampling set


View of laboratory with chromatography device


Contact: + 33 4 78 77 88 44 / +33 4 78 77 88 93

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