Assessments, audits and trainings

Assessments, audits and trainings

Audits and Assessments:

Preventive maintenance audits aim to assess the pertinence of the scheduled maintenance operations. For example, these audits involve reviewing the efficiency of the team in place, their compliance with established procedures, and the frequency of oil tests. Technical modification audits focus more on the functionality of the transformers rather than on the human factor. These are used to indicate whether or not it would be beneficial to replace the connection type or the cooling method or even to increase the power of the devices.

Live part evaluations, which are performed using endoscopy, indicate the degree of wear affecting a device in operation.


Trainings :

JST transformateurs Services offers two types of training sessions, based on programs that are adapted to client needs and are provided on an à la carte basis: factory-based training (design, manufacturing, testing, etc.) and on-site training (installation, maintenance).


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