Since its first transformers for EDF (Electricité de France) in 1955 for 220 kV and 1957 for 400 kV, JST transformateurs has been accumulating export references for even higher voltage levels : as early as 1974 for 500 kV, and 1987 for 800 kV.

The development of nuclear generation in France also meant for us the development of the relevant experience and know-how. From its beginning in the 70’s (360 MVA 400 kV single phase GSU’s) to its latest stage – Flamanville EPR nuclear plant, where we supplied the 650 MVA 400 kV single phase GSU’s as well as the 100 MVA 400 kV three-phase auxiliary and service transformers. Other nuclear plants in Europe (Slovenia, Switzerland,…) also deliver their energy to the network through JST single phase or three-phase transformers.

Last but not least, after the first phase shifters in France and Ireland in 2000, JST transformateurs continued developing this specific and complex technology. The 800 MVA 225 kV phase shifter at Boutre substation (France), allowing a +/-12.5° phase shifting, and commissioned in 2009, as well as more recently Brennilis phase shifter, are providing evidence on this strategy.

Déphaseur 225 kV – 800 MVA - France

800 MVA – 225 kV Phase shifter – France

The Traction activity is also on the move. JST is a pioneer in the  French high speed train (TGV) transformers since the very beginning in the 80’s, and a major actor of the famous BB locomotive of French SNCF. JST transformateurs is one of the very few specialists of this complex technique of on-board transformers, regardless of the train type: high speed trains, commuter trains, regional trains, locomotives, with references on all continents.

Transformateur Perth

Transformer for EMU – Australia