Human resources: One of our group’s most important assets

A pool of experts In order to expand our business and remain a worldwide industry leader, JST transformateurs must to have experienced teams with an advanced level of expertise. Our Group has always focused, and will continue to focus, on ensuring that all employees have not only have the skills and know-how, but are also proactive and responsive, qualities which are expected and appreciated by our customers. For this reason, JST transformateurs has developed a human resources policy, covering both hiring and training, that promotes the employees’ natural desire to get involved and to support the improvement and consistency of our products without ever losing sight of the importance of safety and environmental protection. Like our employees today, our prospective employees will be, women and men who are committed, responsible and eager to gain experience, to perfect their skills, to anticipate changes, and to adapt to new situations. In order to maintain this breeding ground that drives the Group’s success, JST transformateurs offers truly-rewarding career opportunities in several fields.

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